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Consider the major social forces in the workplace, such as poverty, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and social status, and reflect on the readings and your personal experiences.

Describe at least three of the major social forces that impact work organizations and the labor market of most interest to you. Ground your response in scholarship by integrating the findings of two scholarly articles that expand on the theories…

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Mental Health

Grading for participation in postings (Possible points: 10) Choose a mental health condition of interest to you. Why did you choose this condition? Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with this condition? What percentage of the population has…

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1. Focused Reflection (30 points) Objective: To reflect on the interprofessional roles (MD, SW, OT, PT, RT, RD, PharmD) you saw on the unit and describe communication between them and the nurse. · List all of the different providers that…

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