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Advocacy Letter

Pick one of the topics below and write a letter to an elected official advocating for a policy or program that will improve the health of diverse populations. The elected official can be from either state or federal government. The letter can be no longer than 1 page and must focus on only one issue.


1. Zoonotic and vector-borne diseases

2. Water quality

3. Wastewater

4. Food Safety

5. Clinical aspects of environmental health

6. Municipal solid waste

7. Medical and hazardous waste

8. Air quality (indoor + Outdoor)

Format: must include a cover page along with the letter (i.e., the assignment will be no longer than 2 pages – 1 page for the cover and the second page for the letter). The cover page must include two summaries:

1. The topic selected, the policy or program for which the student is advocating, and the reason you selected the topic and policy/program.

2. The elected official, their contact information, and the reason this official was selected to receive the letter.

A sample letter to an elected official from the American Library association can be found at Tips for writing your elected official is available from the American Civil Liberties Union at


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