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Alternative Assignment Information SheetPaper details: This assignment sheet is

Alternative Assignment Information SheetPaper details:
This assignment sheet is designed for students who choose the alternate activity to replace the
research requirement of participating in a Department of Psychology research study. As you
may know students are expected to complete at least three hours of outside of class research
activities. This is a requirement for all Introduction to Psychology students and the requirement
can be fulfilled either by serving as a participant for at least 3 hours or by completing this
alternate research activity. It is offered to students who choose not to participate as a human
subject in a research study or are unable to complete enough study time and need additional
research hours.
You may also complete a combination of research participation and alternative research papers
to meet the requirement. Each research paper that conforms to the requirements below
equates to 1 hour of outside of class research activity. Three papers satisfy the
requirement. Likewise 2 hours of research participation and one paper (or other combinations
summing to 3 hours) satisfy the requirement.
The alternate activity involves writing a paper and achieving some of the same learning goals
associated with participating in a research study. You will locate an empirical journal article from
a peer-reviewed journal. These can be located through the electronic journals/library tab on
Blackboard and accessible to all students currently enrolled in classes at UC. For a list
acceptable journals the following link is a reliable resource of peer-reviewed journals: query=&facet=&pubtype=journals&section=journals&subsecti
on=special (If this link fails go to and browse titles
from A to Z.) The paper topic must fall within the purview of the discipline of psychology.
Remember that you must authenticate using the librarys Off campus access quick-link if you
want to search for journal articles from home if you do not the journal site will not recognize
your right to access the resource and ask for money (
Choose an article that you find interesting. Once you have selected an article your task is to
prepare a 1 page critical review of the methodology and conclusions presented in the article
(12 pt. Arial font double spaced). The purpose of this paper is to critique the nature of the
research methods used and to evaluate potential strengths and limitations of the articles
method(s) and conclusions. Please use concepts learned in the chapter on Research Methods
and relevant content chapters from your textbook to complement your preparation of this paper.
Your personal experience in participating in the research study can also be included as part of
this paper.
All papers will be submitted using the safe-assign utility in Canopy/Bb. Submission is electronic
and no paper copies of your manuscript will be accepted. Your course Canopy site will have a
SafeAssign portal set up to turn in the paper. The papers are due by midnight on Friday
April 22nd. Each paper should be typed double-spaced. Please follow guidelines to avoid
accidental plagiarism; more information on this can be located at You will not receive credit for the
assignment if it contains plagiarism. Some material may be highly specialized nevertheless
try to understand what you can and write the paper in your own words. As you prepare your
paper the librarys reference service desk and answer questions about finding research
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