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ASSIGNMENT TASKS The following five tasks are to be compiled into a single do

ASSIGNMENT TASKS The following five tasks are to be compiled into a single document and submitted online. The tasks are to be completed in a group of up to four students. There is a 5000 word limit, excluding references. I suggest 1000 words per task but you can adjust this if needed – do not exceed the 5000 word limit as this may not be marked. APA 6th referencing is required. Credit will be given for the level and depth of research and critical analysis. The marking rubric is available on Blackboard for your guidance. You need to work on all the tasks as a group and keep a record of your meetings and discussions. You may be asked to produce these records, and use these to reflect on how you worked as a group. Choose a group captain who will be responsible for submitting the assignment: 1. through Turnitin to check originality and 2. submitting the final version through Blackboard. Only the group captain should submit the assignment. Include all group member names and student numbers on the assignment. Prior to the Final Submission use the Turnitin originality link to check your work. Submission: Due Friday 27 Sept 2019 midnight (AWST) TASKS 1. Business analytics and machine learning are “hot topics” right now. Investigate one of these areas and report on how it is impacting business. Illustrate your report with examples of the challenges and opportunities it presents for managing information systems. 2. Choose a business that operates online and evaluate its strategic position using two strategic planning tools. Indicate areas where information systems are used effectively to support business strategy and where improvements could be made. You could use the six strategic business objectives of information systems (see Laudon & Laudon, chapter 1, pp.41-44) as a guide. 3. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of migrating information systems to the cloud. Consider differences in organisational structure and types of information systems. Include business case examples to support your explanation. 4. Find an example of an ethical dilemma relating to information systems. Examine the difficulties in reaching a resolution, differences of opinion and ethical perspectives. Outline how the situation could be resolved.


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