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Discussion on Network Forensics: How to Investigate Emails and identify the send

Discussion on Network Forensics: How to Investigate Emails and identify the sender? Requirements: Create a discussion (not including the list of works cited) and name at least three scholarly references. Cite and reference all sources using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System. Background: The understanding of the OSI Model and the communication processes of its 7 layers is fundamental for network forensics. Also, the understanding of the different IP addresses. On layer 3 and 4 logs files are transmitted and on layer 7, the application layer, internet services like chats and Email services. In your discussion you need to investigate Emails and to identify the sender. However, laws regarding privacy and information sharing vary from country to country. Indeed, some services choose a geographical location for their servers to limit the degree to which their records can be requested by investigators. As a result, many crimes involving emails have email accounts set up in countries less willing to cooperate with the country in which the crime is being investigated. Your task in detail: In this Discussion, you will consider how to move forward in the face of such difficulties. Describe the processes how an investigator can investigate in this context. What is the technical background of Email forensic investigation? How can an Email sender be identified? (Hint: If the investigator knows the IP address of the Emails origin, he can use the “Who is database” to find out who send this Email by issuing a subpoena to the ISP – please explain in your discussion) Explain how you might handle a situation in which a hosting government will not cooperate in the course of an investigation? Which role plays the usenet and search engines in this context for an investigator? What are important tools to use for network forensics? What else is important in this context when countries don`t cooperate?


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