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Format your presentation and reference page consistent with APA guidelines.  Thi

Format your presentation and reference page consistent with APA guidelines.  This should not be direct quotes but paraphrased and cited with references.  It should be spell checked, grammar checked, and plagiarism checked.   READ THE FOLLOWING:   The article supports the idea that students with prior online learning experience have more effective learning strategies to apply to future online studies than those with no prior online learning experience.  They also had higher levels of motivation for courses, and increased technology self-efficacy. Given these results, apply the learning-cognitive theories of personality to explain these findings. Select two theoretical approaches to learning from any of the behavioral, cognitive and constructionist views. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you combine the principles of the theory to explain how a student’s increased online learning experience can lead to a demonstration of more effective learning strategies, higher levels of motivation, and increased technology self-efficacy.  Address the following: Identify the synergy between personality development and student learning behavior. Differentiate between two theoretical approaches, and discuss how each one supports effective learning strategies, increases motivation for learning, and enhances technology self-awareness. Apply each theoretical approach to an example of student learning. Include a reference page with a minimum of five additional peer-reviewed sources. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


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