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problems or issues associated with UAS human factors

This course requires the development and submission of a case analysis research project, including both a written report and presentation. The paper will require the submission of:

· Abstract (due in week 2).

· Rough draft (due in week 5)

· (Peer reviewed in week 6).

· Final draft (due in week 8)

· Presentation (due in week 9)

For this project, start to consider an appropriate topic based on the major theme of problems or issues associated with UAS human factors. With a case analysis (e.g. inquiry-based learning), you will need to identify the underlying problem to be addressed (associated with UAS human factors issues). This topic should not be overly broad, but make sure there is enough information available for adequate research that will allow you to comply with the requirements listed above. Your instructor will help you refine your topic until it is appropriate for the intent of this assignment.

Review this sample APA paper example (Links to an external site.) to use as a guide to assist you along the way as you produce the different portions of your case analysis project. Also, refer to the APA section of the Academic Resources page for further help with APA.

Writer remember that this is a 9 week assignment.!!


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