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Research Market Assignment Applying the ideas generation and initial screening m

Research Market Assignment Applying the ideas generation and initial screening models covered in Weeks 1 and 2 in addition to your background, interests, and knowledge as tools, generate a list of two or more ideas that you think may be viable new venture opportunities. These will be used later in the course. Cases: Read the assigned cases below, and answer the corresponding questions to each case in no more than one page per case, unless otherwise indicated. Extreme Packet Devices Read, review, and understand a sample business plan and its elements, paying particular attention to the following. The table of contents and major sections The harvest model approach Communication and credibility elements at both product and venture levels No written assignment is due for this case; however, students should pay particular attention to this case, because they will be directed back to this case later in the course, and this will prepare them for future work assignments. Diabetogen In a two- to three-page paper, read the case and answer the following. What is your opinion of the product concept, market potential, and ability of the company to eventually capture significant share? What do you think the equity of the firm is worth today? What portion of the company do you think a VC investor would want for the contemplated $7.5 M investment? How would you divide the equity among the major stakeholders? What security would you choose?


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