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Task: ________________________________________ The aim of this second report i

Task: ________________________________________ The aim of this second report is to extend your knowledge of corporate communications and your ability to apply that knowledge to a real organization. You will particularly focus on CSR issues management, and making realistic recommendations. This means that your recommendations should be both desirable AND feasible. Format: ________________________________________ This assignment will be approximate 2500 words long and be presented in report format (Arial 11 point with 1.5 line spacing), using APA referencing style. Headings in the report should include (but are not limited to) the following. These sections are just given as a guide but students are encouraged to use their initiative and present their assignment in the most logical and well-structured manner that is possible. • Executive Summary • Table of Contents • Introduction (approx. 150 words) • Theory: Integrating CSR and Issues Management (approx. 550 words) • In this section you present a definition and discussion of the theory surrounding CSR (and cite the sources). You will need to read beyond our text and class discussions. • Present a definition and discussion of the theory surrounding issues management (and cite the sources). Reading beyond the text and class materials. • Talk about CSR issues management. • The role of CSR within your organization (approx. 400 words) • Assess the main features of CSR practices and communication within the organization. Examine communication activities and tools to illustrate and provide examples throughout your discussion and evaluation of the company corporate communications in this regard. • Make sure that you include key stakeholders in relation to the CSR program issues communicated by the company. Consider also how CSR affects the organization’s brand and reputation. • Role of CSR Issues Management for your organisation (approx. 300 words) • Assess the main features of CSR issues that the organization needs to manage, and explain how media relations are used – or could/ should be used. Explain how CSR issues management may affect the organization’s brand and reputation. • Consistency of company corporate communication messages (approx. 400 words) • Examine and discuss the consistency of the messages being communicated to key stakeholders by the company in terms of company image, CSR activities [and green marketing or greenwashing if relevant]. Note that different stakeholder groups may in fact require DIFFERENT messages, so comment on this aspect in your report • Overall evaluation of communication in the organization and your specific recommendations. (approx. 550 words) • Make at least two well-justified recommendations. How are these recommendations desirable and feasible? How do they support corporate brand and reputation? • Conclusion (approx. 150 words) • References (APA style)


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