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this module, you learned about stalking as a form of violence. In the context of

this module, you learned about stalking as a form of violence. In the context of understanding domestic violence, stalking by a partner or former partner can be especially serious. Digital technology (e.g., internet, social media, cell phones, GPS) represents a new frontier in which to confront issues of stalking. When a stalker knows a lot about a person already (like an acquaintance or intimate partner), it can be easy to track down vital information about someone, such as your place of employment, address, friends, or other activities. How safe are you or your friends from stalking? Do you have appropriate habits for the digital world? For this week’s assignment, you are encouraged to learn about digital safety in the context of domestic violence. Spend some time browsing through the resources on the following website: Digital Safety Collection Please try to learn how technology-assisted abuse works, and how someone can stay safe. The Assignment This week’s assignment is a 1-2 page reflection paper on what you learn by looking at the materials linked above. In the paper, I’d like you to discuss: Your definition or understanding of technology-assisted abuse and/or stalking, informed by your reading. At least two examples of technology-assisted abuse that you learned about. At least two tips for being safer in a digital world that you think might be useful to you in your own life. A discussion of what you think should be done to prevent or protect people from technology-assisted abuse in general. In this paper, I would like you to clearly reference the sources of any information you use in your paper. Since the source material is digital, you can either use hyperlinks or APA style in-text citations. Please try to avoid plagiarism, as this will result in a failing grade.


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