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This week you were introduced to the important concept of project integration an

This week you were introduced to the important concept of project integration and its impact on managing change and sustainability. Many integrative tools were introduced in your readings including the importance of collaboration and team building to accomplish goals. The questions below are not black and white and require you to give some thought to your readings as well as explore any relevant outside research to come up with your ideas for improving project integration and collaboration on large scale projects.Explain the relationship between project integration and change management by explaining how integration can be used to bring about change. (Chapter 11, Question 1 of MM)Why does your reading refer to project integration as the ultimate change management challenge? (Chapter 11, Question 2 of MM)Describe the difference between partnering and public private partnerships by giving an example of each. (Chapter 11, Question 4 of MM)What are the benefits of an Oversight Coordination Commission like the one used on the Big Dig? Can you recommend any improvements for structuring the Oversight Coordination Commission? (Chapter 11, Question 9 of MM)Please with Reference


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