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Write 3 page essay on the topic How will electronics fit into your professional

Write 3 page essay on the topic How will electronics fit into your professional life.It is amazing to how electronics have changed for the past ten years (Aubusson, Schuck & Burden, 2009).New technologies are coming up each day making my professional life more exciting and easier. Various professions are in need of constant communications. Mobile devices such as smart phones have made communication possible. My devices have made it possible to communicate with colleagues, friends and other professionals. Social media and electronic communication have developed new ways of extending and promoting working life. From blackberry phones to iPhone, technology continues to change after day (Aubusson, Schuck & Burden, 2009).We are aware that new technologies are emerging as a result of innovation that is in various parts of the world. We all depend on technology and utilize it to accomplish certain tasks in the day to day activities. Technology is being initiated and implemented in all circles of life (Eschenbrenner & Nah, 2007). They are everywhere, in our offices, hospital, transport system and the other spheres of life. It is indeed true that we can’t perform well in the absence of technology. Technology has become a priority in many companies and organization. It is, therefore, important for us to learn how to utilize the various technological devices at our disposal. As the world continued to develop, it is of essences to be updated with new technology since technology keep on varying. In the business, for example, technology is important in saving and withdrawing money.The use of technology in business has resulted in extensive benefits yet fewer human resources are in the process. Technology has also been of the essence in storage of the day to day information. Some of this information are vital and is often protected by the same device. Unlike in the past when communication was done by sending letters and waiting for the postal services to deliver and retrieve information, current technology has made it easier for professional to


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