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Write 8 page essay on the topic Car Park Design. This essay stresses that highwa

Write 8 page essay on the topic Car Park Design. This essay stresses that highway is designed after a careful study of various areas to ensure complete safety and smooth traveling of different vehicles. Speed restraints are especially designed to ensure safety and to discourage high speeds. Developers can ensure smooth traffic if designed a highway properly. Moreover, nearby places are carefully designed to reduce crime rate. Mostly it happens that people completely overlook their surroundings. It is better option to design in clusters of small dwellings that further encourage neighbor hood. Land with unobstructed access should be walled or fenced carefully. Footpaths must be designed in ways that discourages hiding places. Car parking must be lighted properly whether practiced in private areas or communal entities.This paper makes a conclusion that autocad has brought revolutionary variations in the field of engineering and designing. In this system designers can make different designs without using paper. They work on screen that further increases efficiency and reduced the efforts of paper works that were once used by many designers. So, if a designer wants to plan a building or roadwork then he can easily go with this technology. However, remember that professionals and highly skilled engineers are always required to run this system. With the help of this system a designer or developer can satisfy more complex needs. This drafting system is used for electrical, architectural, mechanical, electronic and structural designs.


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