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Write a 9 page essay on Social science and race.This paper will analyze the way

Write a 9 page essay on Social science and race.This paper will analyze the way race was used in such context and the manner in which it was viewed by social science in general.To begin with, it may be particularly important to define the major term which will be used throughout the paper, namely race. As various scholars point out, this concept is extremely complex. that is why it is almost impossible to narrow it down to one single definition (Malik, 1996, 71). Indeed, the idea of race might be broadly divided into two meanings. The first one is race as a general category that is applies to human species, outlining the most common features, often based on the color of skin for distinction. Indeed, in this cases, one can easily talk about white (Europeans), black (African), red (Native Americans), yellow (Chinese) or brown (Asian Indians) race. The next meaning of race which was developed by social science refers to one of the aspects of the very word “race” that was often used with regard to ethnicity. In this race, one might talk about the war of races in Europe – the idea that does not make sense if the concept of race is use in the first meaning.It is quite understandable that when it comes to viewing the concept of race from the point of view of social science, the issue that comes to mind easily is racism. The latter is a particular world view that is based on various prejudices, according to which not all races of people are equal, while some are inferior to others. As one can easily see, the fundamental aspect of racism is focused on the prejudice of inequality. In spite of the fact that there is no scientific evidence of such inequality whatsoever, racists genuinely believe that they are not oppressing others, but rather restore universal justice.The next important aspect which is often analyzed by social science with regard to race and social environment is the phenomenon of hate crimes. The latter


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